Current Group Members

Group Alumni

Michael Cammarata, PhD

When: PhD - Sept. 2011 - August 2017

Now: AbSci Inc.

Montana Quick

When: - MA- 2018

Now: Texas Dept of State Health Services

Victoria Cotham

When: PhD - 2016

Now: NYU Staff Scientist

William McGee (Post Doc)

When: - 2014-2015

Now: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jared Shaw

When: PhD - 2013


Zhe Xu (Post Doc)

When: - 2013

Now: Qingdao Marine Biomedical Research Institute, Ocean University of China

Alex Bishop (Technician)

When: - 2013

Now: UT Pharmacy School

Catherine Silvestri

When: Masters - 2012

Now: Gerson Lehrman Group

Lisa Vasicek

When: PhD - 2011

Now: Merck

James Madsen

When: PhD - 2011

Now: Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Byoung Joon Ko

When: PhD - 2011

Now: Samsung

Sarah Pierce

When: PhD - 2010

Now: FDA

Suncerae Smith

When: PhD - 2010

Now: Thermo Scientific Instruments

Myles Gardner

When: PhD - 2009

Now: Signature Science

Joe Chipuk

When: PhD - 2009

Now: Signature Science

Carol Parr

When: Masters - 2009

Now: Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Jeff Wilson

When: PhD - 2008

Now: BP Corporation

Carolyn Mazzitelli

When: PhD - 2007

Now: Dart Neuroscience LLC

Mike Pikulski

When: PhD - 2007

Now: Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Barry Davis

When: PhD - 2007

Now: Vertex Corporation

Courtney Sherman

When: PhD - 2005

Now: Merichem

Matt Crowe

When: PhD - 2005

Now: Ingredion Corporation

Karin Keller

When: PhD - 2004

Now: Worldwide Clinical Trials

Junmei Zhang

When: PhD - 2004

Now: UT Southwestern

Sheldon Williams

When: PhD - 2003

Now: Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Mary Satterfield

When: PhD - 2001


Sheryl Blair

When: PhD - 2000

Now: Alcon Laboratories

Brian Goolsby

When: PhD - 2000

Now: Hitachi

Esther Kempen

When: PhD - 2000

Now: Alvin Community College

Jim Shen

When: PhD - 1999

Now: Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bradley Hall

When: PhD - 1998

Now: Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office

Erwin Alvarez

When: PhD - 1997

Now: Bristol-Myers-Squibb

Armando Colorado

When: PhD - 1996

Now: Agilent Technologies

John Isbell

When: PhD - 1996

Now: Genomics Institute of Novartis

Hui-Fen Wu

When: PhD - 1994

Now: Professor, National Sun Yat-Sen Univ

Erika Eichmann

When: PhD - 1993

Now: Chemist at USDA-GIPSA

Tracy Donovan

When: PhD - 1993

Now: Research Associate, Louisiana State University

Simin Maleknia

When: PhD - 1992

Now: Sr. Research Fellow, U. of New South Wales

Chien-Chung Liou

When: PhD - 1992

Now: Assoc. Prof. Tunghai Univ.